Letterpress Cards + Announcements

(Left to Right)
Whenever possible, I love letterpress printing cards and announcements. I had a great time designing and printing these fun little cards: birdie, rawh!, and sweet 

I printed these lovely cards with Centaur and Arigghi metal type, bookended with beautiful metal bird punches. The Centaur type was designed in 1914 by Bruce Rogers as a proprietory typeface for the Metropolitan Museum. It was based on the letterforms of Nicolaus Jenson, but unlike the heaviness of most other Jenson revivals, Centaur is a relatively light face; using Jenson's forms as a base but refining them considerably. (www.thechestnutpress.com) ​It was given widespread release by the British branch of Monotype, paired with an italic designed by calligrapher Frederic Warde and based on the slightly later work of calligrapher and printer Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi. The italic has sometimes been named separately as the "Arrighi" italic. (wikipedia.org)

This is an old project, but one of my all-time favorites. Six-color website launch announcement and matching envelope. ​Senior Designer: Jenny El-Shamy; Creative Director: Kym Abrams; Printer: Rohner Letterpress (www.rohnerpress.com)