Framing Beauty: Intimate Visions,
Exhibition Catalog (virtual exhibition tour here)

Catalog documenting the exhibition Framing Beauty: Intimate Visions an exhibit guest-curated by Deborah Willis, University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography and Imaging in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. The exhibit contains photographs, video, paintings and objects by twenty contemporary artists from the United States, Europe and Africa. Each individual in the exhibition is an internationally known practitioner of photography and visual art. 

"Beauty is one of the most enigmatic, undefinable, and subjective qualities in contemporary visual art. Framing Beauty: Intimate Visions features essays by Deborah Willis, a leading curator and historian of photography, and Rujeko Hockley, Curator at the Brooklyn Museum, as they describe beauty from a variety of cultural, historical, and visual perspectives. Striking images by twenty respected visual artists and photographers contribute different views to the topic of the physical body and racial and feminist perspectives on beauty. Framing Beauty: Intimate Visions catalogues the recent exhibit curated by Willis at the Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University." —amazon.com